Finding ‘That’ Piece

Settling for just fine?  Settling for fine?  Settling?  Why do any of us ever feel that it is in our best interest to settle?  Perhaps we’ve been taught to not get too involved, or to not get overly excited, or give in to that “whim” of a thought that came out of nowhere.  Well, the “contrary to popular belief “ side of me stands front and center whenever I’m told or directed as it may be, to settle.

We don’t settle for just any companion in life.  We don’t settle for just any friend to be at our side.  We don’t settle for just any ottoman to put in our soon-to-be casual conversation area in our home.  Oh, did I just say that?  Well, we don’t settle and we should allow ourselves to not have to settle for the pieces in our home that help create and complete our story of who we are and were we find solace – our very own home.

An ottoman?  Well, yes, even an ottoman can make a difference.  I attended the World Design Market Week in Las Vegas this past week and actually took a moment to seek out an ottoman for my own home.  You see, I’m usually so intent on shopping for my clients that I don’t allow myself the luxury of shopping for my own needs.  But I promised myself that I would spend just a bit of time looking for that oh so elusive ottoman to complete my space.  I’m working on turning an area in my home currently existing as the catch-all space touching on kitchen, eat-in dining, wine bar, desk and general “just leave me here if I don’t belong any where else” space, into an inviting conversational, seating area.  Where the company of friends, can gather to share stories, or listen in comfort to the sweet depth of a Brahms concerto or simply sip on a richly infused Bella Cavalli Chardonnay.

So did I find that ottoman that has been so elusive to even me?  YES!  The Daniel/Stuart Studio showroom provided me with the ‘AHA’ moment.  Perfection came to mind as I was drawn to a wonderfully, oval shaped, leather ottoman, complete with silver nail heads and a touch of wood trim along it’s lower edge.  Just the right size, shape and look to mate with my stunning Robert Allen Tudor Grove Pattern fabric wing back chairs, and two newly acquired red “darlings” with silver nail heads to match, chairs from my go to manufacturer, Uttermost.

I can honestly say that settling did enter my thinking when I became a bit frustrated and felt as if I was running out of time to complete my conversation space but true to my gut, I staid the process and found exactly what was needed.  Allow yourself the opportunity to believe in your gut, don’t settle and find the “ottoman” that completes your space.