Transform Your Oasis

Do you allow yourself to just Dream?  I grew up in a family where constantly working and strong work ethic was everything, so I never learned the art of sitting just to dream.  However, as I’ve grown older and wiser, as they say, I have allowed myself the comfort of an oasis in which to dream.  Dreams help us “connect the dots” from deep within to the ever evolving world that surrounds us and can provide that ever needed “push” to make that leap of faith or to take the plunge to our next wonderful adventure.

What Oasis you may ask?  Well, each of us needs to find that spot that we make into our own, and know that it’s safe to dream while in that Oasis.  For some it may be the bath with bubbles surrounded by candles, the enveloping mattress with the fluffy down comforter and soft filled pillow, or the soft spring cushion of the chair by the fireplace.  Mine happens to be the hot, soothing jetted water hot tub, in my secluded backyard layered with palm trees, with a large oversized terry towel waiting for my exit.

Allow yourself not only to dream but to dream from your very own Oasis.  Make your Oasis a priority space and have it waiting for you at a moment’s notice.  Surrounding ourselves in our own personal luxury makes all the difference in the world.