Your 15 Minutes

Ever have that feeling of “I need to retreat” or “I need to regroup before I attack” or the ever haunting “I long for that 15 to 20 minute nap”?  I believe after reaching the age of 50, I decided it may be safe to allow myself the once a week or so, quickly stolen 15 minute “retreat into darkness of unequaled quietness” that allows me to rejuvenate.  It took me quite some time to not feel guilty indulging in such unequivocal selfishness and that is at only once or twice a week.  I have stretched it a bit on a quiet Sunday afternoon to 30 minutes or that occasional hour of solace.  However I have taught myself to accept that I have perhaps earned those stolen minutes in the middle of an afternoon and am able to emerge with a more thoughtful and creative mind in order to continue with the day’s challenges.

I do best in the quiet and darkness of a small room for those stolen moments.  Which is why I am very keenly aware of window coverings in my surroundings.  Windows allow for embellishing our homes and offices with sunshine, opening our eyes and minds to our surroundings and capturing nature’s sublime greatness, however closing that off for just moments in our lives allows us to rejuvenate in order to “re-enjoy.”  So selecting window coverings that easily open our world yet easily and consistently create our cocoon is of utmost importance.

I have found that creating both openness and darkness can be a challenge but one that is easily approached with ingenuity and fabric.  Yes, fabric.  Fabric spans the range of light and airy, to textured and woven to deep and heavy.  The window where you retreat to for those all important stolen 15 minutes, needs to be covered in warmth to shield you from too much interaction with the surroundings.  This can be accomplished in an office or larger/taller windows with beautifully textured roller shades, or in a den with shutters, my favorites being Polywood Plantation Shutters, impervious to heat and sun, by Sunburst Shutters, or in a bedroom with a cornice and draperies that hide a beautiful room darkening silhouette shade by Hunter Douglas, remotely controlled to close at your fingertips when those 15 minutes appear

Who knew that by the middle part of our lives we’d figure out that napping wasn’t something we should fight like we did as a five year old, but a time to embrace in order to renew.