Is your door an invitation?

I was speaking with a client today about the one portion of her home that just wasn’t feeling “right” with me.  I admitted to not being sure exactly what that uneasiness was when I initially visited her home, but had that “Ah Ha” moment upon my next visit – The Entry!  It’s a most beautiful grand, classically designed home with a curb appealing yellow painted exterior with snowy white trim and a red tiled roof.  It even sports a near sidewalk gate flanked with carved, porcelain white elephants, across an imported rustic, Mexican tiled front garden patio, complete with fountains. However, continuing toward the home you look for the front door and well, there it is, almost lost, diagonally situated, small weathered solid wood front door – not visible until almost upon it.  How could this statuesque structure of detail and form not have a proper entry?  Without question, I will be working with my client to make that a priority remodel area.

Doors by classic definition:  1. Movable panel at entrance, 2. Gap forming entrance,  are really quite non-descript.  Strange actually since doors are the catalyst to so much more.  In my mind, a door, especially a front door, is the invitation not only to the physical space beyond but the invitation to share that interior space and the many facets of the owner’s story that lives inside.

Doors by Jane Cunningham definition:  1. Invitation to step inside 2.  Entry to a grander more detailed interior. an invitation to participate in “more than meets the eye” and “open my eyes to a new world.”  I honestly believe that I’ve had more opportunities to share in other people’s journeys due to the fabulous “door” invitation.

Using my definition for a starting point of thought, for designing a space, now opens my vision to completing the journey within with great abandon since I’ve been invited beyond the door, beyond the beginning.

During one of my travels to London, I found myself fascinated with a multitude of doors – doors on shops, doors on castles, and most of all doors on a residential street that seemed to be inviting each and every guest to savor in the space beyond.  Telling passers by that there is an interesting and perhaps even vibrant story living beyond the door.