Breaking out of your mold

Remember when Jell-O was a fun dessert?  Growing up in a traditionally, conservative home, I ate my share of that wonderfully jiggly, colorful substance in bright primary colors.  Of course my favorite was the grape, a fabulous purple color that really didn’t look like food at all – but made dessert a bit of a carnival.  And then, Cool Whip was invented, and Voila! a dessert with class.

One of Jell-O’s, which by the way is now a generic term for gelatin products, unique attributes is the ability to be molded into any shape you desire.  There were and still are molds of hearts, rings, trees, even roosters.  You may even have found these various decorative molds as wall décor in a 1960’s or 70’s kitchen.  I know my mother had a few copper looking ones on the wall above our stylish, avocado-green oven.  You definitely were the hit of the neighborhood party when you showed up with your jiggling, orange rooster complete with pineapple cubes accompanied by the bowl of cool whip at it’s side.

One little realized piece of trivia is that gelatin, the main ingredient in jello, has been an after dinner delicacy for the wealthy dating back to at least the 15th century.  Would we consider jello an after dinner delicacy in this century?  Most likely a resounding “no” crept into your thinking as you asked that question and I would wager that most of us could actually agree on that point.  But what does that tell us about a product that is still on the grocery shelves and eaten at all sorts of tables?  Timeless comes to mind.  Is jello the trending “go to” dessert of the year?  No.  However is it still available and something that almost everyone, even my granddaughters, knows of as a dessert?  Yes!

Needless to say, jello remains an often-loved food on its own, however it has come a long way from the rooster mold and neighborhood picnics.  Some great successes and some, well, perhaps not the most selected item on the menu, however we all still know of its existence.

That’s my point, we all know of jello and jello in or out of molds, is still jello.  Even when we go through a metamorphosis of sorts, we are still who we started out as, just with a new twist or a new attitude.  Given that thought, would you be willing to totally transform a room in your house to break out of your mold?  It’s still your house, it’s still your home, it’s still your bedroom, your office, your kitchen but with a new twist or a new attitude.  An updated space allows you to perhaps throw caution to the wind, break out of a mold, yet still being true to who you are with permission to still be timeless yet updated and fresh.  Keep it comfortable but bring in a new element to mix up the flavor of the space.

Ever wonder what that lusciously shaped red chair with the nail heads would do to your bedroom?  What about the fabulous two-drawer dishwasher that allows for clean and dirty to happen simultaneously?  Talk about freeing up that wash the dish schedule!  And alas, that coveted shiny chandelier that you’ve been eyeing for months to add spice to your dining room?  Yes – timeless!  Stuck in a mold? Definitely Not!