Unplanned Bliss

As you may have heard me mention previously, I love to travel! It gives me insights I never dreamed of, smells of wafting spices and textures of colors not found in one place. Traveling to unknown places and meeting people of all walks of life, opens my every sense to want to delve even deeper and discover even more unique awareness.

During one of our trips to Denmark, my husband and I decided to give the easy and convenient train system a try to venture outside of the city of Copenhagen. Easy right? Red line to the north, Blue line to the south, Yellow to cross and change between the red and blue, Green to the East and West… Seemed intuitive, even if the only real word that I could read, speak or understand in Danish was “tak”, meaning Thank you.

We had selected a few sites and landmarks of interest and off we went. The countryside was absolutely gorgeous with the red roofs on yellow block buildings, black and white sheep on rolling hills, and green as far as I could see; a true feast for the eyes. My husband and I pointed out all sorts of sites as the train continued on its way meandering through village after village. We realized we should probably switch from the Blue line to the Green line at some point soon, so we quickly made our way off of our originating train to the Green line train. Simple enough…and our relaxing journey continued…Until…the train came to a stop and everyone departed. Ahhh, we are…where? Well it seems that the Green line ends in a small village and another train doesn’t return for several hours. After a brief moment of panic, well not full-blown panic, just minor palpitations, we decided to embrace the situation, discard the original plan of sites and discover this village. After all, we were in what could only be part of a storybook illustration of thatched roofed buildings and brightly colored shutters.

As we walked away from the train station we encountered a quaint village street, host to table after table of treasures and abuzz with activity! YES! It was a flea market, street sale, auction of wares with people of all ages roaming, and buying and trading stories. So enticing for all of my senses, I’m sure I was almost giggling out loud. We had no choice, at least from my vantage point, but to blend right in and begin our own story of buying and trading stories – even if there was a bit of a language barrier. Décor in all forms, art in real life, and the people behind the craft, creator or owner, speak to their own story through a mere smile and perhaps a handshake; just one way to share in a piece of another’s journey and life. We fared quite well and I must say it was the highlight of our trip and one of the highlights of our many, many years of travel: Absolutely the best day of our trip and most rewarding, totally unexpected.