Turnkey Design Services

“I turned the brushed gold knob affixed to the distinctive rich, red front door and walked into what I had only dreamed would one day be mine – a beautifully furnished and exquisitely designed home – my home away from home! A wave of emotion rushed through me as I tried to take it all in and if I remember correctly, I couldn’t even speak. Multiple feelings of awe, delight, giddiness and even calm washed over me as I walked past the fully equipped kitchen ready for the family gatherings, and the calming blue on the bathroom walls complete with towels hung. A true sense of belonging swept through me as I gazed at the sundrenched corner with an overstuffed, fluffy chair along side a small writing desk waiting just for me – my Hawaii beach front home, just as I dreamed. I can’t thank Jane and the Room Resolutions team enough for delivering the get-away of my dreams.”   Samantha G.

I will always remember that day and the emotions that were rushing through me as well – happiness, gratefulness, as well as a bit of edginess of the unknown, because it was Samantha’s dream that I was delivering to her. After just a few short weeks of creating this beachside retreat, meant for family gatherings and weekends of solitudes for solo writing, the reveal made it clear that the process of “Turnkey Design Solutions” works!

Imagine no headaches, hassles or even tough decisions when it comes to designing and furnishing your home and especially your “home-away-from-home.” We will orchestrate everything needed to complete your home, from sofas to sugar packets. It is the home for no worries, relaxation where time stands still, and daily worries are forgotten.

It’s time to embrace the life you deserve. Allow yourself the sense of calm and completeness that comes with a Room Resolutions Turnkey Designed Home-Away-From-Home.