Jane Cunningham

President, CEO, Principal Designer

A taste of Europe, a bit of Hawaii, and an American sensibility. Jane Cunningham effortlessly fuses cultures to create refined and comfortable homes. She intuitively understands when products complement each other. Jane’s bandwidth of design expertise is your promise that your home will reflect your own good taste, sophistication and je ne sais quoi. This may be the fundamental difference between Jane Cunningham and other interior designers. Jane sources the world directly to reflect your tastes. Her broad background, intellect, design sensibility and ability to mesh finishes and materials from around the world, are her distinction. She will translate your vision and specifications into an elegant home unlike anyone else. Jane Cunningham works with clients around the globe and has completed homes for clients across multiple corners of the world, from Sydney to Copenhagen, Washington D.C. to Honolulu and many projects in-between, including Los Angeles, Denver and Las Vegas. Jane Cunningham is a global citizen, originally from New England; born and raised in Exeter, New Hampshire. Jane’s early career as a principal clarinetist and symphony conductor earned her widespread music industry accolades. She’s translated her experience as a Virtuoso into an unmistakable design sensibility that has garnished praise from throughout the design world; including numerous awards from the American Society of Interior Designers and features in publications such as Luxury Las Vegas, House Beautiful, and California Home & Design. Jane accepts commissions from throughout the United States, the Pacific and Europe.

Amanda Cunningham

Design Director

Project and design management is key for Room Resolutions. Jane’s daughter and business partner, Amanda Cunningham, is fully engaged and manages the smallest details on a granular level. Amanda, like you, doesn’t like surprises. Your only surprise will be the difference Amanda can make in how you live; the elements, details, and professionalism that will make a difference in your life. Amanda is an Olympian, decorated violinist and clarinetist, collegiate varsity crew member and has earned a master’s in design management from SCAD. Considered an intellectual and overachiever, Amanda embraces an expansive perspective manifested from her global travels and immersion in diverse cultures; then couples it with a rare work ethic. Amanda ensures your home is completed seamlessly and gorgeously on budget and on time. The breadth of Amanda’s travel has provided her with a broad world view that remains in her design aesthetic. Traveling across continents, broadening her world view, and immersion in diverse cultures all contributed to the strong yet flexible life’s foundation. Amanda embraces both the expansive view and the hard work garnered from her informative years.

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