Jane Cunningham knows the world; but designs for you.  She will create with you, an environment that is elegant and simple, bold and defining, yet distinctively unique.  These are terms that have been used to define Jane Cunningham.  It is how she lives and how she serves her clients.  Anything else is unacceptable.

Jane Cunningham simplifies your life.  She will ensure your home is more beautiful and more comfortable than you imagined.  Jane will also ensure a global and sophisticated point of view.  She is not a minimalist.  Rather she chooses to maximize a home by understanding the architecture, flow of living and managing the smallest details without excess accouterments.  A home is about you and how you live.

Jane integrates existing architecture, your passions and your life to create clean, crisp and elegant interiors; always in good taste and always highly cultured.

Jane’s designs are distinguished by their blending of textures from the infusion of a variety of materials.  Yet she is uniquely humble.  Jane believes that the timeless values of classic design; comfort, scale, proportion, heritage and provenance, are merely the platform for an environment conducive to living a sophisticated life of abundance.

Jane does not feel the need to fill every space in a home.  She, like the finest pianists, understands that it is not necessarily the notes you hit, it is the space between the notes that make something special.

Jane Cunningham works on a whole-house project-basis only.  In some cases, Jane’s clients retain her staff after a project is completed to manage the interiors.

Please call Jane Cunningham if you would like your home to reflect the breath of your travels, sophistication and how you live.  Jane’s personal number is 719.339.2977